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September 19th, 2017

*Huge thanks to Rob Foxx from TFM for writing this blurb on our tour. Be sure to follow and tweet at him.* But now, to the good stuff…

Who doesn’t love college gameday? It’s undeniably the greatest moments of our college careers. Unfortunately, college football is only on Saturday’s so that’s where we come into play. Everyone at College Weekly wishes every day was like a fall Saturday in October. That would be Heaven for us. Which is ironic because if every day were like a fall Saturday in October we would probably be dead, but not in Heaven. Though, for both practical and health reasons, every day can’t be filled with college football, cookouts, refreshments that probably used to be cold, and sundresses paired with cowboy boots, but we strongly disagrees. We are actually adding few extra tailgate Saturdays to the calendar.

Starting September 19th we will be hitting Boston, Philadelphia, University of Indiana, University of Wisconsin, Clemson University, University of Tennessee, Nashville, Orlando, University of Florida, and Florida State University with performances by Cheat Codes, Lost Kings, Vicetone, Chiddy Bang, for our tailgate themed concert series, College Weekly Gameday Tour.

Plus, special guest “Backpack Kid” aka the adolescent Shawn Bradley clone whose hypnotic dance moves have captivated the internet.

Mood for the weekend

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Oh and there’s a dress code. Tailgate attire only. Wearing school colors and/or school gear is a must to get in. So put on your Saturday’s best, grab a koozie, and hit the College Weekly Gameday Tour. It’s the most fun you’ll have outside of an actual football Saturday. Unless your team sucks. Then it’s probably better.

Purchase tickets at!!

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