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This Is Where the Entourage Cast Would Have Gone to College

July 31st, 2017

Entourage is hands-down, without a doubt our generation’s best TV show series. The show goes to extreme depth into each character’s life over the course of 8 long seasons. What it doesn’t tell you, though, is where the characters went to college. Well, not all of them, at least. I’ll have to draw conclusions from their personalities and context clues in the show to figure out where all the characters in Entourage would have attended school as undergraduates.

Vinny Chase : Boston University

Let’s start off with the most important character in the show, Vince. Vince grew up in Queens, NY with humble beginnings and a passion for moving to LA like his brother and, unlike his brother, actually make it big. His family wasn’t rich and he’s even been quoted in the show saying, “I came from nothing, and as much as I like the toys, I really don’t need them.” That being said, Vinny would have attended Boston University. BU is only a few hours NYC and is a great mix of  College Town meets Big City. Aside from having one of the best theatre programs in the country, the city of Boston has everything you need to prepare yourself for the real world without the hustle and bustle of the big apple, and without the repetitiveness of a random state school. Vinny enjoyed games at Fenway with his bae(s), Tuesday nights at T’s pub and Brunch at GEM & Splash on Saturdays. BU doesn’t have a tremendous greek scene and Vinny had friends at other schools who did, so he didn’t feel the need rush.

Ari Gold : University of Michigan

This one is served on a blue and maize platter because the show reveals that Ari was an undergraduate at Harvard University before earning his J.D./M.B.A. at the University of Michigan, but, honestly, is anyone surprised? Ari is so Michigan it’s not even funny. Though we don’t know where Ari is from, everyone that goes to Michigan is either from there or a big city on the coast. He has no accent so it can’t be New York or Chicago, LA would be too obvious, but I could totally see him belonging to one of those huge synagogues in Miami growing up, so I’m gonna go with that. Ari is such a legend that he decided to rush during grad school and joined AEPI because, for lack of better words, he didn’t like the Finals Clubs Harvard had to offer. You could always find him skipping the mile long line with his Skeeps card and walking right in swiping his other card at the bar.

Melissa Gold : Harvard University

Ari’s wife, Melissa Gold, is awesome. Very intelligent, loyal, honest, stern, and sassy lady who went Ivy league. She reminds me of the the type of girl I would end up marrying. Another giveaway from the show is that the two met at Harvard years before the show took place, so they have a long history. I’d like to think she is from the suburbs of Philadelphia, as she came from a rich Jewish family who left her a huge trust fund – so big, in fact, that she let Ari access to fund his new agency (what a girl). Anyway, Melissa is a class act so it totally makes sense that she attended THE Harvard University.  Melissa is the one who only dates and doesn’t let anyone get anywhere close without putting in ample amounts of time and game. She’s the real deal.

Johnny “Drama” Chase : University of Buffalo

Just by looking at him and listening to him speak for .5 seconds, Johnny Drama screams UB. Growing up in Queens with Vince and being the first child, I imagine that he would stay in-state to keep the burden off of his family. SUNY schools are some of the most affordable in the state and they turn up on the daily. I could just imagine Drama being the all time pledge master at Kappa Sig, wrecking kids every semester, hitting the bar(s) whenever the opportunity presented itself and graduating in 5.5 years. He truly is Buffalo, nuff said.

“Turtle” : Syracuse University

Being an NY native, basketball lover and swaggy jewish kid, clearly Turtle went to ‘Cuse. I was tempted to put him at Indiana, which would have also worked, but picturing Turtle at Syracuse during the Carmelo Anthony era really sealed the deal. Turtle obviously rushed ZBT and had a crazy 4 years filled with Castle Court tailgates, Final 4 appearances, Juice Jam, long nights at Chucks and a lot of other things I can’t mention. 100% sure Vinny made his fair share of trips 150 miles east to the Big Orange in their college years.

Eric “E” Murphy : Wisconsin

Eric is the last guy in the squad and has been friends with Vince since they were 6. E is the smart one out of the crew and definitely fits the Wisconsin mold. Being from New York, Eric is naturally a coastie living in Madison; however, he’s Irish and can party like a true mid westerner, so he went SAE. Eric worked at the KK junior year and proceeded to crush school and the social scene. He was the kid who dated a girl for 3/4ths of college, then was finally single his senior year. The moment every girl had been waiting for, E went on an absolute tear in his final year. Unfortunately, for those who thought he was the guy of their dreams, he graduated college going directly to LA to chase his dreams with Vinny.

Sloan McQuewick : University of Pennsylvania

Sloan is the love of E’s life and 100% wifey material. Sloan is the kind of girl that only comes around once or twice in your life and you’ve got to commit to, so it makes sense that she would go to UPenn. Similar to Ari’s wife, Sloan is extremely smart, talented and admirable. But who is Sloan? She is the smoke that sits in a booth at Smokes and won’t consider approaching a guy because, well, why would she? They come to her. She’s the girl that doesn’t text back with her read receipts on. She’s the kind of girl you have to walk to the library and pretend to understand / be interested in what she is talking about when she speaks of her classes. Sloan had bids from every sorority at Penn and went Theta, obviously. She’s brunette, Jewish and dated a dude in Theos in real life. You can’t make this up. You can find her Downtown, Smokes, or posted on the Green outside VP with her posse.

Billy Walsh : UMass Amherst

Billy is a weird, talented, introvert who found his love for writing in Massachusetts at UMass Amherst. Cold and desolate, yet beautiful and turnt, UMass allowed Billy to focus on his studies, as well as get the fun college experience he wanted. You can usually find Billy in his room getting lit by himself to find inspiration, or out at Stackers seeing if this will finally be the night he loses his V card. Billy was a geed.

Dana Gordon : USC

Dana is a bossy lady with the eye of the tiger. She will destroy you if you mess with her, and she has been a very driven woman since her days as Trojan. USC exudes an extremely competitive atmosphere in every aspect, from Greek life to even getting accepted to the school itself, so it’s no surprise she is how she is. She’s the kind of girl that dumps you on your birthday, and takes another kid on her date function the next day. The kind of girl that drops you after three weeks because her 3rd cousin doesn’t like you, and that’s a good enough excuse. The kind of girl that buys you a watch on christmas and, not only takes it back after you break up, but also still wears it. Dana was a legacy DG that you could find at the 90 on the regular, or on the row reading: “How to Be In Control of Any Situation for Dummies.” She will eat you alive.

Lloyd Lee : New York University

Ari’s assistant, Lloyd, is hilarious and easily one of the best characters on the show. He’s always there when Ari needs a coffee or someone to make fun of. Unlike Ari, the NYU and NYC community in general are very supportive of any sexual orientation and welcomed him with open arms. Lloyd was a member of the Tisch Film Club, as well as the LGBTQ Club at NYU. You can find him out and about Downtown or drinking some Fishbowls at Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square anytime he’s feeling up for it. After graduation from NYU with a B.A. in Communications, he headed to LA to West Hollywood where he landed a job as Ari’s assistant.

Scott Lavin : University of Miami

I mean just take a look at this guy. Slicked back blonde hair, tan as a Miami dolphins cheerleader and suited up like a gent, this guy is The U. Scott is a young savage manager that enjoys the finer things in life like fast clothes, even faster girls and Italian suits. He spent his 4 years at Miami hitting the clubs, the pool parties and, most importantly, the gym. Starting off as small time promoter, he quickly rose to the top of the Miami nightlife scene. He was the president of Sigma Chi, DG anchorman 2 years in a row and a walk on baseball player. He did it all. You could find him popping bottles at E11even, pretending to like art at the Wynnwood Walls, at the Biltmore playing some golf, or crushing Seaspice Sunday brunch on yachts with Miami Heat players. He’s the epitome of what it’s like to do it right when you go to Miami. Be more like Scott.

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