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A Freshman’s Guide To Surviving Syllabus Week

August 24th, 2017

A freshmen’s guide to surviving Syllabus Week

It’s that time of the year again, syllabus week. Every semester, everyone looks forward to syllabus week; one might even say this is the best week of the year. This is a week filled with meeting new friends, getting accustomed to your campus and most importantly, getting familiar with your local bars.


  1. Make Friends

Syllabus week is a lot easier to get through if you have someone by your side. This week is the time to come out of your shell and make friends. Even if your random dorm mate has a constant resting bitch face and seems unapproachable, talk to her. It doesn’t hurt to have someone to walk to class with or eat with.


  1. Get familiar with campus

This is the only week you can be late to class and your professor won’t give you a death stare as you walk in. With that being said, take advantage of this and get familiar with campus. On your way to class, if you see Starbucks go check it out and see how long the line takes so you know for the future. After your last class of the day, take an extra few minutes to walk around and see where the library is and your classes for the next day.


  1. Actually read your syllabi

Although syllabus week is known for the week you do absolutely nothing in your classes, do something. Read your syllabi even if it’s during the class. Most syllabi are about 5 pages long, which seems like a lot but I guarantee if you have a question and email your professor, they will respond back with “it’s in the syllabus”. So get ahead of the game and read the damn syllabus.


  1. Only buy the necessities

Most classes “require” a textbook. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I have bought a textbook for an absurd price and never opened it once… Thankfully, there is this wonderful website called that can tell you if you actually need the text book or not. People who have taken the class before review the class and professor on this website. This can save you not only money but time, the bookstore on syllabus week is more crowded than Best Buy on Black Friday.


  1. Get Pre-Banded

Unless you’ve been to Disney World, you don’t know long lines until you’ve seen the waiting lines for bars on syllabus week. I would rather get a root canal on every tooth than stand in a line outside in the hot, humid weather waiting to get into a bar. Pre-banding is your best friend during syllabus week and every other week. Most bars even offer deals like “first 100 girls free cover”. Take advantage of pre-banding, it literally takes 10 minutes to stop in before bar hours, then you’re good to go for the night.


  1. Facebook Class pages

Most schools have Facebook pages like “FSU Class of 2020”. Everyone on these pages are surprisingly friendly and helpful. If you have a question about an assignment in your class, you can post on the wall asking who is taking “ENT1101” and someone will most likely comment or DM you. You can also stay up to date with events because club promoters post in there every weekend.


  1. Get a planner and use it

Most schools give you a free planner at orientation but most people just throw it on their desk and never use it. Reminders and the calendar on your phone work okay but there is nothing better than having everything written down on paper. Don’t just think it, ink it! Also, people steal phones, not planners so at least you know your planner is always safe.


  1. Do not overdress for class

Please keep in mind that you are not going to walk the runway in NYC fashion week, you are going to sit in a lecture hall for an hour. There is no need to be wearing your best outfits to class. I promise you that you will sweat walking to class and your classroom might even be hot. Your favorite pair of Nike’s or Converse will do just fine, matched with some athletic wear. Strive for comfort, not style.

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