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10 Most Basic Costumes You’ll See This Halloween

October 26th, 2017

Every college girls favorite holiday has officially come upon us, Halloween. This is the only time of the year you can strut around dressed half-naked and not be judged for it. Most girls try to be really creative and plan weeks ahead, but some girls save putting together a costume until the day before Halloween. Here are the 10 costumes you will undoubtedly see every girl wearing this year:

  1. Harley Quinn: If you’re kind of a psycho and have bleach blonde hair, then this is the costume for you. I’m sure 80% of the girls who are Harley Quinn for Halloween haven’t even seen Suicide Squad, so what?

  1. Skeleton: When girls paint their face like a skeleton I am genuinely scared of them. If you’re looking to actually scare someone this Halloween, be a skeleton. I suggest waterproof face paint to prevent your masterpiece of a costume from sweating off.

  1. Victoria Secret Angel: As if wearing your favorite lingerie in the bedroom isn’t enough, throw on a hot pink silk robe and call yourself a VS Angel.

  1. Army Girl: Nothing screams “I’m not prepared for Halloween” like an Army girl costume! Go ahead and rock that camo shirt you’ve had since freshman year and don’t forget black disco shorts.

  1. Sexy Cop: “Sexy” cop is always a crowd pleaser. What guy doesn’t like being handcuffed by a girl dressed half-naked?

  1. School Girl: You know this one. Your old private school skirt, knee-high socks, and an unbuttoned dress shirt. Brittney Spears did it first and did it best.

  1. Devil: This is the costume for the bad girls who want to remind everyone just how bad they really are.

  1. Risky Business: Every girl’s last minute go-to costume is risky business. I guess the oversized white button down, knee high socks and cheap sunglasses are just easy to throw together last minute.

  1. Cat: The only thing more basic than wearing leggings and Uggs is being a cat for Halloween. 0/10 for creativity, do better.

  1. Playboy Bunny: The #1 basic white girl Halloween costume. You’re guaranteed to grab every guy’s attention in the room and you’re also guaranteed to match twenty other girls.

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