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We connect brands and services with students, building lifelong affinities.

The Opportunity:
The U.S. student population is 19.9m and 2.2m Greeks on 4,168 and 800 universities, respectively. These are the doctors, lawyers, and VPs with the highest lifetime value of any consumer segment.

Who We Are:
We are an innovative, diversified multi-medium platform and marketing services company. We create authentic ways to make meaningful connections with today’s trendy student demographic through hyper-local and complex media. The content produced for College Weekly’s audience is driven at its core by touring nonstop across the top college campuses in the U.S.

500k+ social community, 175+ Campus Directors (videographers) across 60 campuses, 5 national tours, 90 campus engagements, 72k event attendees, content featured on 20+ media outlets and Greek-licensed vendor.

Notable Clients:
SC Johnson, DirecTV, OnePiece, Universal Music Group, Landmark Properties, JusCollege, Beatbox Beverages.

Cross-Platform Opportunities:
Digital advertising, content amplification at scale, video production, activations, event support, campus touring, micro-influencer marketing, ambassador programs.

New York Office:
225 West 39th St.
New York, NY 10018

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