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According to Kodak Black’s Instagram feed, he just bought a midget football team in Flo-Rida’s youth football league. First off, these jerseys are sick. Just based on the fact that it’s from Kodak Black and the jerseys are dope I’m already sold. If I were Kodak I would host highly competitive tryouts and if you make the team, everything is free. Kodak could easily pay for all of the jerseys, uniforms, coaches, and staff for a whole season with the money he can make in ONE SHOW.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking “Who the hell would let their children play for someone like Kodak Black.” Let’s just take a moment to consider the benefits. First off,  I bet everyone will get gold plated mouth guards, access to amazing facilities and LIT music on the bus rides to games. I don’t know about you guys, but I would definitely be signing my children up to join the Pompano Gators. This is a great look for Kodak and I’m glad he is investing in his community in a positive manner because you know they don’t like to see him winninnnnn, they wanna see him in a penitentiary.  Regardless, this philanthropic act will definitely help his public image in the future.

Author: Yofray Ray

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