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Commencement addresses and statistics are usually pretty boring topics, but that is until DJ Khaled gets involved. Last Thursday he shocked UC Berkeley statistics students by crashing their graduation ceremony.

Like any other college commencement, diplomas are passed out, photos are taken and speeches are given. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and get a compelling speech from an experienced CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a performance from DJ Khaled. But most of the time you’ll just get a boring 70 year-old teacher or an overly enthusiastic student.

A video shared by UC Berkeley on Facebook (see below) depicts keynote speaker Steve Stout, an advertising executive, finishing up his address, saying “Data is the instrument, now go be the artist. keep pushing culture forward. Thank you, congratulations, and here is your gift today.”

DJ Khaled showed up wearing the swaggiest baby-blue jumpsuit and rapping “All I DO Is Win.” He then gave a short speech on statistics. He actually didn’t say anything about statistics, but he did say “This is amazing, ’cause I didn’t graduate myself so this is the closet thing to graduation for me, too.”

Surprise at Statistics graduation

So THIS happened today… 😉 #shh #dontspoilthesurprise

Posted by UC Berkeley on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Here’s some of the reaction from social media:

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