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When Nicki Minaj isn’t hooking up with Drake, Meek Mill or Lil Wayne, she’s actually quite the philanthropist. She tweeted yesterday that she’s giving away free tuition to about 30 students that have straights A’s. So submit your report card and say goodbye to student loans!

In reality, most students don’t have a 4.0 GPA so students started speaking up. Requests went beyond tuition and student loans, with some fans asking for less than $1,000 for books and other supplies for school. At the end of the day, grades don’t define your intelligence.

Minaj responded to those requests, asking for the contact and bank info for some of her fans.

Minaj said she’d make these payments Sunday, “then see if I have any money left.” She also promised to respond to more requests from fans to help pay college fees in a month or two. Fingers crossed that this cycle of philanthropy continues because there’s lots and lots of students in debt.

Minaj isn’t the only rapper to help fans with education-related fees. Chance the Rapper, who grew up in Chicago, donated $1 million to schools in the city for “arts and enrichment programming” earlier this year.

A little good goes a long, long way.

Author: Curtis Michael

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