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At Boxing Weekend, University of Tennessee fraternity members beat each other bloody (and party) for more than just bragging rights. For over 3 decades, Boxing Weekend has been a long-standing tradition at the University of Tennessee, as well as all over the South. Members of fraternities compete in over 11 weight classes spanning three nights. All proceeds benefit Golden Gloves Charities, local Knoxville schools, and the Ace Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Imagine 4,000 students yelling profanities at each other and bonding over university Greek life. This event is easily the highlight of the school year. Even Gucci Mane ventured down to see the madness and performed his hit songs from “Everybody Looking.” Casual guest appearances by world famous rappers? I guess that’s just how UT Greek life roll in Knoxville.

Aside from the fighting and debauchery, it’s always refreshing to see fraternities (whether they like each other or not) come together for a good cause. They even split the cost for the Gucci Mane performance.

Huge shout out Sigma Phi Epsilon for the win and raising a mere $270,000!! 

Started off boxing weekend the right way with these pretty fun people 💥😎☄️❤🎉✌🏼🤘🏼

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float like a bee sting like a butterfly

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there should be a girls boxing tournament

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K-O (ding ding) 🥊

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Volunteer Traditions

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someone please tell us why/how we are in the boxing ring #fightnight

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we survived boxing weekend🥊

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Straight wylin out on the biggest party weekend in the south 🇺🇸! #boxingweekend

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meet your newest ring girls 👯

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go best friend that my best friend #boxingweekend 🥊

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Austin Leblanc defeats ΣΑΕ's Cole Ryan in the lightweight division #BoxingWeekend

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