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The Arizona desert might be a littler barren, but for one month out of the year, students from all over come for an epic spring break. Lake Havasu is known as “Arizona’s Playground,” and JusCollege Spring Break definitely lives up to the reputation.

We flew two videographers out for an entire month to film all the shenanigans that went down and ohhh do they have stories to tell. From concerts with famous DJs, like Carnage to boat cruises and jet skiing, you can pretty much do it all there.

Huge shout out to JusCollege, the #1 student travel agency, for making this all happen!

If you didn’t go or want to relive the experience then watch our video below! And if you think that’s impressive, just wait till next year because we are going bigger than ever before!

Author: Curtis Michael

(@curtlsmlchael) One of the founders of College Weekly and also the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. Graduated high school and college in six years so he's kind of smart too.

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