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Another day, another fraternity house vandalized. Students walking to class this week at the University of Texas most likely passed one of the several fraternity houses that had their entryways spray painted with crude and vulgar messages. It appears that the Phi Gamma Delta, Kappa Alpha Order, Kappa Sigma, and Pi Kappa Alpha houses are the only properties that have been vandalized so far. No one is sure why these particular fraternities were targeted with hate speech being plastered on their entryways with slander such as “Racists” and “Rapists”. However, it does appear that security was a factor for the culpable as “up security like FIJI did” was also sprayed onto the front door of the KA house…

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the vandalism of Greek facilities has occurredv at UT. Numerous other Greek houses, on and off campus, have fallen victim to the immature and destructive acts of those who use Greek students and organizations as a scapegoat to vent their frustration regarding the social and economic issues that plague our country. Over time, these growing frustrations have led to a rise in the formation of social activist groups in Austin such as the (above) Revolutionary Student Front. Ironically, this group that also opposes the use of bombing and artillery tactics utilized by the US military still uses the slogan “Nuke the frats” to express their support towards the recent vandalisms.

Lastly, I would feel amiss if I failed to notice the tendency that these protests crimes all too often go unchastised by local authorities or universities because it doesn’t meet the standard amount of hate that necessitates an immediate call to action. Again, I am not one to stomp on anyone’s right to protest or free speech by any means, but when the law is broken it crosses a line that subsequently hinders any progress one might hope in improving an already volatile situation. I know I cannot offer a true panacea to remedy the struggles and injustices that many students face on a daily basis, but I can try to help. Instead of lurking in the shadows and making blind accusations, I am sure more than a few of these organization’s presidents would not hesitate to take some time off from being “racist-rapists” in order to sit down and have a face-to-face with anyone who wishes to vocalize their concerns like adults. In fact, to expedite the process here’s a directory.

Author: Kirgan Hopkins

Howdy, names Kirgan. Its pronounced like German but like with a K and a G... I'm a junior SAE at the University of Texas. Even though I'm in a fraternity, I enjoy a pretty granola lyfestyle. When I'm not writing for College Weekly, you can find me climbing rocks or wandering through the wilderness trying to find myself. Oh yeah, and hmu on insta @thakirgster

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