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As the school year comes to an end, it’s about time for the recruitment chairs to start working on reaching out to next year’s pledge class. As an incoming freshman, it’s also time to start thinking about not only if you want to be a part of Greek Life, but how to pick the right fraternity. Every frat has a slightly different recruitment timeline and overall recruitment process. The entire thing is shrouded in mystery; we’re not even allowed to speak to them during their formal recruitment. I did one time stumble upon a sorority performing some demonic ritual with monotone singing and methodical movement. The whole experience left me creeped out to my very soul.

Recruitment for fraternities, on the other hand, differ greatly from sorority recruitment and have very little to do with the dark arts. These are a couple things that should be kept in mind.

First and foremost; how are the people in the fraternity? Remember, you’re going to hang out with these people for the next four years of your life. Make sure that they can carry a conversation and have some similar interests. Also, pay attention to how close the members are. If they all seem like they’ve known each other for their whole lives, odds are the house has a pretty strong brotherhood.

Next is, what is the reputation of the house that you’re looking at? Every fraternity has a national reputation and a chapter reputation. Know the reputation of the house you’re thinking about rushing. This is important because it is possible to overlook really great houses by only listening to hearsay. Be aware of a house’s reputation, but go and speak to the people at the frat for yourself and form your own opinion. Sometimes those reputations come from the 80’s and have stuck around so long they are no longer relevant.

Another thing to keep in mind while rushing fraternities is, what are the frats’ philosophies and values? Do they emphasize good grades, community service, philanthropies, and giving back to the community? Do they just coast by doing the bare minimum? Keep in mind these are the years when you develop lifelong skills and habits, it is important to hold yourself to a high standard and keep yourself challenged.

Finally, what does the house itself look like? Don’t pick a fraternity simply on the basis that the house has five stories, an elevator, and a pool, because the people may suck. Don’t dismiss a fraternity right off the bat because their house isn’t the most modern thing on Greek Row, either. However, it is important to keep in mind that a house is also a reflection of the people who live in it and that if the individuals care about the establishment it will show in the way that the house is treated.

If you keep these tips in mind, fall recruitment should go just fine and you’ll find yourself cleaning up after your future brothers in no time.


Author: Marco McCray

A Seattleite studying Multimedia Journalism at WSU. Also the PR Chair for WSU's Theta Chi chapter. Follow ya boy on Twitter and Instagram. Twitter: @MarcoMcCray2 Instagram: @marcoemccray

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