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We have all seen the classic sorority recruitment video. Set to a Top 10 EDM track, we are taken on a journey through beautiful houses, and across sunny, far stretching campuses as sisters hug affectionately and laugh for no apparent reason. Despite fitting every cliche in the book, these videos are extremely helpful for recruitment and are now a staple in sorority life.

Now, you may have heard of the Ohio Chi Omega Parody video by Phi Kappa Psi that made headlines last year. This set the stage for several parodies to follow. The latest sorority parody comes from the Vanderbilt Commodores Football Team. This one had us all laughing, huge props guys!

Serious question though: do you think they topped Ohio Phi Kappa Psi?

Full credit for the above video goes to the Commodore’s tight-end Sam Dobbs. Sam did a killer job on this video and you can find more of his work on his official Youtube channel SamDobbsOfficial.

Author: Tyler James

Tyler Pickford is the Editor in Chief at College Weekly, a brother of Sigma Chi studying Strategic Management at McGill University, and most notably, Canadian 🇨🇦 . He says sorry far too often and drinks maple syrup on the daily. Follow Tyler on Instagram and Twitter @sigchity.

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