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Coachella can be quite overwhelming for most girls, but if you follow these 15 tasks below then you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about… We’ll that’s what this guy said to his sister that attends the University of Arizona, which is arguably white girl territory.

Five To-Do Items Before, At, and After Coachella

Before Coachella:

  1. Start now. Tell EVERYONE you’re going to Coachella. I recommend 15-20 people/day. A way to do this is to ask people if they are going, so you can say you are.
  2. Post a photo of your wristband on Snapchat. Make sure the word “Coachella” is legible.
  3. Practice saying “Coachella” in the most basic way possible. Emphasze the “ella” for added basic-ness.
  4. Spend a minimum of $250 per outfit because wearing the clothes you already have is so lame.
  5. Send photos of your outfits to your friends. Ask your friends in they look cute, well knowing they look cute, but just want them to say it.

At Coachella:

  1. Post 10-15 Snaps to your Story every day of Coachella. Save 2-3 of the best photos and post them to Instagram periodically throughout the day.
  2. When the headliner’s most popular song comes on, yell “Oh my GOD, this is MY song” even though literally everyone at the festival likes that song. Sing along to it, getting every other word wrong.
  3. Make sure you walk around with a drink in your hand as often as possible so people know you’re awesome.
  4. Every time a guy tries to talk to you, give them a sly comment, like “You wish.” If he laughs and says he is an undercover cop and wants to check your ID, play hard to get and run away.
  5. Wear sunscreen. You have to make sure your Sunday outfit isn’t tampered with sunburn lines.

After Coachella:

  1. Tell all your friends who didn’t go how awesome it was.
  2. Tell them every story. They may appear to be getting annoyed, but you know deep down they like it.
  3. The Thursday after Coachella, post a TBT Instagram with the caption, “Ughhh take me back” and tag the location at Coachella. Of course add @coachella, #tbt, and #untilnextyear.
  4. For all of your friends who mention they are going to Stagecoach next weekend, make sure they know Coachella is way better, even though you have never been to Stagecoach. You just know. Don’t listen to their protests.
  5. Be sure to next years ticket right when it comes out. Snap a photo of the purchase screen and post it it to your Story so everyone knows you’re going next year.

I hope you learned a few lessons here and won’t make the mistake of not completing these absolutely necessary tasks. They are highly recommended from every white girl out there.

And on a side note, please get this guy to Coachella Weekend Two.

Next Coachella Headliner | Dj Robbie D

This guy is going to perform at Coachella 2018!DJ Robbie Dhttps://www.instagram.com/giveherthede_ma/Want to see more of Dj Robbie D? Comment below!WATCH IN HD

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