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People saw very “lil” Lil Wayne after waiting for hours on April 4th at the University of Florida’s O’Connell Center. According to Lil Wayne’s tweet on September 3, 2016; “I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I’m dun” many interpreted the message as the rapper declaring his upcoming retirement. Students were excited to see one of the last few concerts of the Five-Grammy award winning rapper.

Once the opening acts ended at 9:30, more students poured into the stadium, but something was missing; Lil Wayne himself. After an entire hour passed, the stadium started to become more aggravated. Consequentially, students started to boo at the stage and make heated Facebook posts that showed their disappointment towards the venue. Students were also demanding their money back as the prices of tickets sold for anywhere between $40 for regular and $80 for floor seats.

After about an hour and a half, the rapper finally made his delayed appearance. Though Lil Wayne did not acknowledge the boos, he did apologize. He claimed how terrible the L.A. traffic was and said “you can conceive a child, give birth and still be in LA traffic”. Surprisingly, his reasoning behind his delay was contradictory to what the O’Connell Center said on Facebook. According the O’Connell Center’s post, they said that Lil Wayne was forced to land in Atlanta due to bad weather. Evidently, these versions of excuses completely differ from each other.

Though he appeared later than expected, Lil Wayne was able to gain some forgiveness as he performed with a great amount of energy.

“He was amazing. Everyone loved him it was worth the wait,” said UF freshman Sammi Straropoli.

Of course, even famous people are human and hopefully, we can all learn “How to Love” Lil Wayne again after this minor inconvenience.

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