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Rivalries have been the fuel to many fires throughout history. However, it is debatable that one couch fire in the front yard might have happened whether you beat your frat’s rivals in Greek Week or not.

A good fraternity rivalry is what every well-rounded chapter needs. These rivalries are usually already in place by the time you rush the house, but it only takes a couple weeks and you swear that each one of those sick freaks is capable of a sitting through that one Sarah McLachlan commercial without shedding a single tear. These are the kind of guys who don’t use their turn-signal while driving. Even being a part of their fraternity is perceived as an insult:

“You play ball like a [insert rival fraternity here].”

“Your chill to pull ratio is just as bad as one of those [insert rival fraternity here].”

Whether you like it or not your rivals also push you to be your best. You weren’t even going to bother decorating your house for Homecoming until you saw those snakes trying to impress your favorite sorority with their subpar decorations. You figured you’d show the poor fools how it’s done and now your two houses look like that scene from “Deck the Halls” with Danny DeVito. Because of this your frat also decided to clean up all the random garbage that has gathered around the house throughout the semester. Even though you might have only moved the trash from your house to your rival frat’s basketball court, your house has never been cleaner.

Everything is also just a little bit sweeter when you know that you took it from them and they can’t have it. Like that one time Brad swooped one of their formal dates and your whole chapter cheered like you had just won the Super Bowl.

You could say we've got a pretty tight brotherhood over here at the castle 💯

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You can always think of an infinite amount of reasons why your house is better than theirs, but remember that without them there to receive your endless hatred your entire college experience would be different.

Author: Marco McCray

A Seattleite studying Multimedia Journalism at WSU. Also the PR Chair for WSU's Theta Chi chapter. Follow ya boy on Twitter and Instagram. Twitter: @MarcoMcCray2 Instagram: @marcoemccray

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