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Now when I saw this story, I didn’t believe it at first. Stanford boasts one of the lowest acceptance rates in the country, so why would they accept someone that pulls this kind of stunt? Writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 times as an answer to a STANFORD application question and getting in – what are the odds?

Ziad Ahmed, a senior at Princeton Day School (New Jersey), said in an interview with Mic: “I was actually stunned when I opened the update and saw that I was admitted. I didn’t think I would get admitted to Stanford at all, but it’s quite refreshing to see that they view my unapologetic activism as an asset rather than a liability. To me, to be Muslim is to be a BLM ally, and I honestly can’t imagine it being any other way for me,” Mr. Ahmed said. “Furthermore, it’s critical to realize that one-fourth to one-third of the Muslim community in America are black… and to separate justice for Muslims from justices for the black community is to erase the realities of the plurality of our community.”

When Ziad Ahmed was asked on his Stanford University application “What matters to you, and why?” Ahmed wrote the hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter” 100 times, and according to his Twitter, he received his letter of acceptance from Stanford on Friday. “Everyone who received your application was inspired by your passion, determination, accomplishments, and heart,” the acceptance letter read. It also said “You are, quite simply, a fantastic match with Stanford. You will bring something original and extraordinary to our campus – a place where you can learn, grow, and thrive.” Stanford said of Ahmed.

I mean it’s 2017, if you go viral, it can help you. Plus I’m sure this kid had a perfect GPA, extracurricular activities, and a high SAT score. It is almost impossible to get into this school, so it’s great to see something like this being the deciding factor – Shoutout to Stanford!


Author: Yofray Ray

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