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It’s never fun when a sorority or fraternity gets kicked off campus, but it happens and we get it.  We don’t condone bad behavior, but we have a lot of respect for this fraternity bro (member of ZBT at Indiana University) for getting “Free Tri Delt” tattooed alongside his rib cage.  This action actually started a tidal wave of others getting Tri Delt tattooed in attempts to bring the organization back.

We interviewed Aaron Winston to get a little bit more information on this situation.  Here’s what he said in response to our interview:

“Tri Delt was kicked off campus because they violated the chapter’s previous probation terms.  I wanted the tattoo on my ribs because I thought it was a good spot to write “free tri delt” and fit the triangles.  We were on break with over 25 girls in tri delt sorority and every one of them loved the idea, wanted to take a picture, and then some even followed our idea of printing “free tri delt” on their body.  The main objective was just to get word out there about this occurrence and my friends and I thought an Instagram post and or article on college weekly would be an unbelievable idea to gain recognition for this horrible occurrence at IU.”
We definitely respect the hustle from this guy and hope Tri Delt comes back on campus.  Legends never die!




Author: Curtis Michael

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