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With the tech industry trying to make a statement this past week at South by Southwest in Austin, one company decided to stick around for the week in order to see what UT’s Round Up is all about. As a way to enjoy the festivities and promote their new concept product, Snapchat placed a Snap Spectacles dispenser at the local SAE house. If you don’t already know what Snap Specs are, they’re Snapchat’s new sunglasses – equipped with a camera built into them which allows for you to film videos for your my story without ever having to pull out your phone.

Essentially, those waiting in line to enter the event could purchase these shades for a cool $130. Once you have these shades, you simply connect the specs to your Snapchat via Bluetooth and then you are good to go. The shades basically work the same as if you were using your phone; you tap a button on top of the frame and then a ring of lights start blinking around the camera to let your friends/family/dog/whatever know you’re recording.

You may be thinking that this sounds a little crazy. What if someone takes your glasses and starts adding content to your story without you knowing or what if you get caught up in the moment and decide to film yourself doing something a little questionable… Have no fear, for anything that you record with the specs is saved to your snap camera roll first and requires you to go into your phone before anything is posted and pick out the content that you want to publish.

All in all, I have to say I honestly like the idea. As a person who was fortunate enough to be there, I had the opportunity to steal borrow a friend’s pair (I’m broke) and see what the specs were really all about. For sunglasses with a camera in them, I was really impressed with the video quality and the actual durability of the glasses. It was also somewhat refreshing to have this new medium available to record videos compared to the typical “have a phone out the entire party” approach. Without the burden of having a hand occupied by a phone, people were able focus on what they actually wanted to enjoy i.e. playing volleyball, vibing out to the music, drinking refreshments, etc. all while being able to simultaneously archive those epic moments without having to view it through a phone screen first. With a generation that has for better or worse become enraptured with sharing their lives via social media, Snapchat hit it out of the park with this one by offering people a fresh and easy way to continue doing what they love, having a banger time and showing it to the world.



Author: Kirgan Hopkins

Howdy, names Kirgan. Its pronounced like German but like with a K and a G... I'm a junior SAE at the University of Texas. Even though I'm in a fraternity, I enjoy a pretty granola lyfestyle. When I'm not writing for College Weekly, you can find me climbing rocks or wandering through the wilderness trying to find myself. Oh yeah, and hmu on insta @thakirgster

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