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Following his graduation from Florida State University, Pike brother, Wilson Carter III, moved to Barranquilla, Colombia and volunteered as an English professor. One day, while exploring the beaches of Colombia, he, by chance, befriended Marco, a former Drug transporter for the A.U.C, a Narco Para-military organization. Marco’s story was so awe inspiring that Wilson, with Marco’s permission, recorded, translated,ย wrote and published a novel titledย Pinched.

Pinched, is a gripping thriller that tells the electrifying true story of Marco, a poor adolescent Colombian fisherman whose ambitions and dreams of wealth result in his forced servitude to the A.U.C, a ruthlessly violent para-military organization operating at the height of Colombia’s war torn, drug-fueled civil war.

The adventure thrusts the reader into the mind and soul of Marco, who’s charged with the dangerous responsibility of moving millions of dollars in cash and thousands of kilos worth of cocaine through the treacherous jungles of Central and South America and the Gulf of Mexico’s unforgiving waters.

Throughout the journey Marco must endure and survive bitter betrayal, unrelenting greed, forbidden romance, and adrenaline fueled battles bursting with bloody violence, all while maintaining the essential wisdom of remaining true to yourself and above all, following your heart. Wilson Carter’s suspenseful novel promises to keep readers intrigued from cover to cover.

It’s always great to see students graduate an immediately get out there and start chasing their dreams, Shoutout to Wilson!

Pinched is available for purchase on Amazon

Author: Yofray Ray

Yofray Ray (@YofrayRay) is the Founder of College Weekly. He's a Philadelphia native, FSU Pike, & College Dropout. Hobbies include Planet Litness Mixtapes, Memes & Tequila Water Limes. Send all Tips, Video Content or Hatemail to Yofray@collegeweekly.com Follow @yoofray on Twitter

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  1. Sooooo did you guys mean to write Columbia in the title? This guy befriended a narco at an IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL? C’mon guys…the title on the article, really???

    1. Dear Jeff,

      The title of the article was rightfully updated to show the correct headline.
      We greatly appreciate your readership and interest in College Weekly and hope you enjoy our future content.
      Best Regards,
      The College Weekly Management Team

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