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What do you get when you have the largest courtyard on the row, 12 tons of sand shipped from the beaches of Cabo, 150 brothers and 600 girls?  The answer is Sigma Chi’s beach party.  I can’t mention the actual name of the event because it’s not the most appropriate, but I’ll leave it at that.

Previously, SAE was notorious for hosting the Jungle party and Pike for their Volcanoe party, but this one easily tops both — combined.  I forgot to mention that they also had The Him perform “Feels Like Home,” confetti and smoke cannons, among dozens of pool toys and squirt guns.

This is an elaborately, well thought out operation that takes weeks to put together, but Sigma Chi nailed it!  They might as well make their own swimsuit line for this event.  Imagine sorority girls rocking bikinis and one pieces with Sigma Chi all over it?  Fraternity marketing at its finest.  Cough, cough, we can make those for you guys! Check out our store!

Huge congrats to Sigma Chi and my boy, Hunter Moreno for reaching new feats with this event.  There’s not much more I need to say; these videos and pictures speak for themselves.

Full video here: University of Arizona Sigma Chi Presents: “The Him”

Thanks for helping me find my phone 50 times #Saturdays

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just a little pre-SB fun 👅

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ugh head bangin is exhausting 🤕

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